In figurative sculpture, I am challenged by one of nature’s most complex and beautiful forms; the human body. I have refined the human figure to basic, almost geometric forms. I love to tell a story or portray an idea through the human form. Giving life to my subjects by capturing their innermost emotions, I express my own romantic longings. Through simple lines and planes, I work to capture subtle yet expressive body language. With the tilt of a head or an arm wrapping around another’s shoulder, my couples are bound in nonverbal communication. I am intrigued by the minute nuances in shift of posture or angle of the head to convey a different expression.

In addition to creating something visually pleasing, it is my hope that viewers merge their experiences, perceptions and passions reflected in my sculpture with their own. It is my wish to create and provoke something unique for each viewer. Some may be prompted to interact with the individual figures to change their intended communication and make their expression their own, thus changing the story by making them a part of their own relationship.