Patricia Nix, N.A.


Patricia Nix is an important, contemporary American artist born in El Paso, Texas. She vitally identifies herself as a Texan while splitting her time between Palm Beach, Florida, and Paris, France.

Throughout her career, including her life as wife and mother in Lamesa, Texas, and while making a name for herself in the New York art world, Patricia Nix has positioned herself as a working artist actively involved in the development of contemporary painting and drawing. Her membership in the esteemed National Academy of Design in New York City defines her as one of the most highly respected artists in America. The staggering range of her work stretches form the box constructions of her childhood, the magical and rich-recognized boxes of her early career, her mature paintings and collages, the handkerchief and trellis compositions, flower studies, Tarot card interpretations, and on to her ever-present, constructed totems, the delight of her New York audience.

Her work creates rich mood with color and gesture influenced by Surrealist and Dada movements, the baroque influences of Spanish Colonial art, and the art of Mexico and contemporary America. Her work stands in the collection of the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution and hundreds of public and private collections. Patricia Nix’s entry in the pages of Who’s Who in American Art details the fully-developed scale of her career, while her near sixty-year relationship with Texas art collectors remains her favorite.

The Patricia Nix monograph, 1995, and its companion Volume II, 2015, document Nix’s career in a magnificent boxed set, a complete survey on Patricia Nix, to date, and her comprehensive and intelligent body of work. The range of her artistic expression and development from the 1950s to date is presented illustrating her enormous and complex body of work in full color plates.