Matt Esparza


My heart for creating stems from my relationship with God. That’s ultimately my source. The first verb in the Bible is created - God created. I feel, as a reflection of the Creator, he has placed the heart of creation in us as well. I am always creating, and in doing so, I strongly believe it reflects the nature of God. It is my form of worship.

My work is also a reflection of my life experiences and the people that I’ve interacted with around the world. For example, I grew up somewhat in the country, so I enjoy the rural textures and rustic elements, like stained wood, rusted metal, and all of the colors in nature, like flowers. I’ve also been influenced by more modern and contemporary perspectives, especially abstract artists from the 1950’s.

I believe visual artists should have the freedom to create across various styles, mediums, and genres. Much like musicians, actors, directors, dancers and photographers who can freely switch between genres and styles, I feel it is a challenge that many visual artists are faced with. I seek to challenge those beliefs that seek to limit visual artists to a certain genre and continue to explore various styles through my bodies of work.

I try to remember that there are no mistakes when I am creating. I don’t want to be afraid to take risks or experiment with my work. Everything is a learning process, much like our journey. We are all constantly in process and I believe that’s what it’s all about. Embracing the process.