Jon Flaming


Jon Flaming was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1962 and moved to Texas in 1968. He graduated from Texas State University in 1985 and started Jon Flaming Design in Dallas in 1993. He currently has collections in the Grace Museum in Abilene, the Tyler Museum of Art, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, the John & Bobbie Nau Collection of Art in Houston as well as the City of McKinney, Texas.

In 2018 the John Wayne family in Newport Beach, California asked Jon to partner with them. They are licensing some of Jon’s signature cowboy images to add to and strengthen the John Wayne brand. They shared with Jon that they love his big, bold, graphic images that convey a strong sense of who John Wayne was and what his brand still stands for.

“I think Jon is doing some of the strongest work in Texas. I like very much his neo-regionalist style.” -Michael Grauer, Panhandle Pains Historical Museum

“Dallas’ Jon Flaming documents rural Texas subjects utilizing classic regionalist style. His composition and subject matter bear comparison to those of the greatest of Texas regionalists including Everett Spruce, William Lester, Florence McClung or Alexandre Hogue.

“Jon Flaming is a great young artist whose abstracted representations of the Texas scene are colorful and painterly. His choice of subject matter is engaging, his compositions are elegant, and his regionalist style is reminiscent of the best from a bygone era. Like the regionalists working before him, Jon still sees farmers, ranch hands and tool pushers as subjects worthy of fine art. His pulse is attuned to meandering scenic back roads and his eye records the character and dignity of old farms strewn along the way. His paintings tell a Texas story.” -William Reaves, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas