Baron Batch

Born in Odessa, Texas, currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Artist statement

Painter, poet, seeker, finder, self reminder, and none of those things at all.

To be free. To be still and know. To overflow while being empty. To remove all masks and glow. To leave the ideas of where you must go, and what you much become. To be a student of life while learning to let yourself be undefined, and to live with abundant faith that life is happening for you, while being present, calm and joyful. Being the flow of life, as life is witnessed from this place, and being beautiful in this way.

To be a celebration of compassion, a dance of life with each moment encountered. To let the moments be a teacher, being disciplined but not so serious. Just a simple man who realizes how little he knows, while moment by moment remaining honest and humble with the journey of life. Uncovering the divinity within by working to serve others through the gifts and talents given. Doing the best to bring peace and joy to these times while on this piece of art called Earth, by being peaceful and joyful myself. Casting opinions, labels and divisions aside, to navigate life as gracefully as possible.

It is not my attempt to make any political or social statements with the work that is created. The purpose is to bring joy, hope, light, smiles, positivity, inspiration, good vibrations that uplift and give insight and challenge. Allowing others to gaze into a painting introspectively, or simply be engulfed in color granting them a moment of spontaneous vacation from their thoughts, where they forget they are there entirely, maybe color drunk is the right expression. That often happens with me while I’m in the flow of witnessing a painting come together, I forget that I exist, and in those moments I get to witness what is timeless document itself.

The energy that blesses me as I am able to step aside and be a conduit has been miraculous to witness come through in the form of paintings and poems. Both of which teach, challenge and inspire me. I have learned that the greatest gift I have been given is simply to be able to witness what is, and to merge into the flow of that, while seeing the result of exercising the power of will in the form of presence, calmness and joy.

I also write a lot of poetry, aphorisms and mantras, and often incorporate those into the paintings as well. When you get a piece of artwork from me, know that heart and soul lives within it.

I cannot take credit for the things that I write, I know this because I see how they are gifts that are given for me to share, and most often are words of encouragement I too need to hear.

Inspirations include Paramahansa Yogananda and the other SRF lineage of teachers, Mooji, Dr. Seuss, Rumi, Paulo Coehlo, Kahlil Gibran, the current moment, my own stumblings, my older brother, my father and mother, and other siblings.

Saved by Grace.

-A spark of light