Alejandro von Zeschau

Argentine; naturalized Mexican since 2002

Alejandro von Zeschau’s artistic inclinations started during his childhood with handcrafts and clay modeling. With time he started focusing on drawing, although he did not decide to study anything related to art until he began a graphic design bachelor’s degree in la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo in the city of Buenos Aires. It is then that von Zeschau cemented his career as an illustrator, working as the art department manager in the publicity agency of Producciones Norte. He emigrated to Brazil in 1990, without finishing his degree in graphic design, in search of his true vocation: art. He established himself in Salvador, Bahia, and there reflected the local Afro-Brazilian traditions with his watercolors - these works marked the beginning of his career as an artist. After two years in Brazil, he traveled to Los Angeles, USA, where he kept growing as an artist by taking lessons with the Colombian maestro Luis Marin, who helped him discover a new world which unites culture and religion through the diverse paths of pre-Columbian cultures. He started living in Mexico in 1992, in Cancun, where he painted more than 100 works for the then Hotel Marina San Carlos, in Puerto Aventuras.

God changed von Zeschau’s life completely in March of 1993 and nothing would ever be the same from that moment on since he had voluntarily given his own will to God. This change is evident in his work, which started reflecting from then on the supernatural aspects of the Creator. In 1993, he moved to Mexico City where he received the influence of great Mexican maestros such as the great watercolorist Primo Vega. He has been a member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas since 1996.

Alejandro von Zeschau has dedicated 100% of his time to the advancement of his profession since 1990. In 2017 he moved to Chihuahua, where he now lives and works.

“I identify my work as abstract expressionism, although it is evident that I do have an influence from the minimalist trend, as I deconstruct the conscious reality of the spiritual self. I use my work to communicate a whole new universe to the audience. I truly enjoy experimenting constantly with new materials, techniques, and disciplines, usually recurring to watery properties in my colors. The many coats of color and water, which are always the foundation of my work, make each one of my paintings a one of a kind piece of art. In the last few years, I’ve achieved the union of hand drawing and electric tools to create and capture fantastic machines reflected in my work. I think my talent is a gift, a blessing, a great enterprise I cannot pass on but one I can enjoy and exercise until I die.”